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Meet the Paddling the Margins Team


Jack Hampton

Project Leader

Jack is the reason for the Paddling the Margins project and has been developing the concept for last two years during which he has built up the network of  Environmentalists, First Nations representatives, Paddlers and members of the off-grid community across the pacific north west who will be the backbone of the documentary film he will produce over 10 weeks of paddling. Jack is a skilled and experienced kayaker and outdoorsman with experience of similar self-supporting expeditions and will be the only member of the team to complete the entire journey, paddling solo for hundreds of miles.


James Aylward

Expedition Medical Planner

James is a practicing doctor based in South London and a qualified expedition medical planner. He will be carrying out the medical risk assessments for the team and ensuring that Jack and his companions are correctly supplied and equipped. James is also a keen outdoorsman and hopes to join Jack in the boat.


Chris Reed

Principle Equipment Supplier and Team Member

Chris is the Founder and CEO of Chillcheater the innovative watersports equipment manufacturer and specialist kayaking supplier. Chris is an exceptionally experienced paddler with over 30 years experience in the kayaking industry. He is an expert paddler and a huge asset to the Paddling the Margins project and will be joining Jack in the boat for a long section of the trip.


Josh Branch

Geological Advisor and Team Member

Josh and Jack have been friends since the first year of University. Until recently their relationship has consisted of Josh regularly housing Jack between one of his various and short-lived attempts to avoid London rental prices. Now its time for Jack to give a little back as Josh joins him for the first leg of the Paddling the Margins project in Southern Alaska. Josh will be contributing his extensive knowledge of the regions geology - check out his blog post Geology with Josh


Immie Barnett

Fundraising Advisor and Team Member

Immie is an outdoors enthusiast who will have just completed the Camino de Compostela, Spain's most famous long distance walk, before joining Jack for the final leg of his paddle. Immie's advise as a professional fundraiser has been integral to the Paddling the Margins project, as has her expertise as a current research student in Geography.


Nick Hooper

Team Member

Nick has been a team mate of Jack's on the hockey pitch for the past seven years. More recently the two have completed a multiday European cycle tour. Having spent multiple days in the saddle together both know that they will happily rub along in the boat - plus Nick is experienced with Jacks cooking which is a good thing to be prepared for. Paddling the Margins will be an exciting and challenging break from the joys of corporate law for Nick.

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