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The purpose of Paddling the Margins is to bring a new and nuanced narrative on the role of culture change to the environmental debate by recording the perspectives and capturing the knowledge of the coastal communities of the Pacific Northwest.

"I have been particularly awed by the culture of reusing and repairing among the off-grid community, nothing is beyond repair... I am coming to understand that realising the "reduce, reuse, recycle" moto in a meaningful way is really dependent on the skills these people have and their attitude of isolated independence... there is a lot we can learn here!"  Jack Hampton | via satellite phone near Bella Bella

As first time film makers we are not backed by a production company and are mainly self-funding the film production. As such to achieve the aim of sharing an impactful story on Jack and his teams journey through the waters and communities of this incredible region we need your support!

We ask for you to donate what you can to realise this film - we have the footage, we have the narrative we just need the funds to access the professionals needed to move our dream to the screen! We are seeking £15,000 following initial quotes. All funds donated will be used exclusively for the production of the Paddling the Margins film - if you have further questions please reach out to Jack

Thank you for your support

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